Fundi Bike repair in Tanga, Tanzania.
Safari Guides and The Fundi
You may be asking yourself so what is a Fundi? A Fundi is a handyman, a fix it guy and he is often an expert in his field. If you are an Auto Mechanic, a Motorbike Technician, a Tailor, a Cabinetmaker, a TV or an Appliance Repairman, you are a Fundi. The Fundi in Africa is a vital part of any community large or small. The Fundi often works in conditions their counterparts in the western world could not even comprehend, such as facilities that are old and very outdated, sometimes with no electricity and most often their work areas are outdoors where they have to deal with rain and all the other elements. They usually have no modern tools and are commonly using old or broken tools. Faced with all of these inhospitable conditions the Fundi keeps his community moving and is an intrical part of its commerce, because without the Fundi business would simply move very slowly! The Fundi gets little attention or recognition for his or her efforts and there are no Aid Programs for the Fundi. We are helping Fundi's all over Africa with "FIX IT WITH A FUNDI" Any funds or donations of tools and supplies are most welcomed. Any and all funds and items go direct to the business folks in Africa. Steve and his team only select shops that are really in need of such items. Most often we support small business people who want to take their trade to the next level! At Safari Guides we offer folks a "Hand Up not a Hand Out"
Motorbike repair shop, Tanga Tanzania
Tailor, unknown location
Broken wrench!
Our Mechanic, Mondo replacing head gasket somewhere in the bush
Metal smelting shop outside of Arusha, Tanzania
Tire repair shop, remote village East Africa
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